Psalm 119:49-96 – Easy-to-Read Version

Psalm 119:49-96

Easy-to-Read Version

Remember your promise to me, your servant.
    It gives me hope.
You comfort me in my suffering,
    because your promise gives me new life.
People full of pride are always making fun of me,
    but I have not stopped following your teachings.
I remember the laws you gave us long ago, Lord,
    and they bring me comfort.
I am overcome with anger when I see wicked people,
    who have stopped following your teachings.
Your laws are the songs I sing
    wherever I am living.
Lord, in the night I remembered your name,
    and I obeyed your teachings.
This happened because I carefully obey your instructions.

Lord, I decided that my duty is to obey your commandments.
I beg you with all my heart,
    be kind to me, as you promised.
I thought very carefully about my life,
    and I decided to follow your rules.
Without wasting any time,
    I hurried back to obey your commands.
The wicked tried to trap me,
    but I have not forgotten your teachings.
In the middle of the night, I get up to thank you
    because your laws are so fair.
I am a friend to everyone who worships you.
    I am a friend to everyone who obeys your instructions.
Lord, your faithful love fills the earth.
    Teach me your laws.

Lord, you did good things for me, your servant.
    You did what you promised to do.
Give me the knowledge to make wise decisions.
    I trust your commands.
Before I suffered, I did many wrong things.
    But now I carefully obey everything you say.
You are good, and you do good things.
    Teach me your laws.
People full of pride made up lies about me.
    But I keep obeying your instructions with all my heart.
Those people are so stupid that they care for nothing,
    but I enjoy studying your teachings.
Suffering was good for me;
    I learned your laws.
Your teachings are worth more to me
    than a thousand pieces of silver and gold.

With your hands you made me and helped me become what I am.
    Now help me learn and understand your commands.
Your followers will see me and be happy,
    because I trust in your word.
Lord, I know that your decisions are fair,
    and you were right to punish me.
Now comfort me with your faithful love,
    as you promised.
Comfort me and let me live.
    I enjoy your teachings.
Bring shame on those proud people who lied about me.
    All I want to do is study your instructions.
Let your followers come back to me
    so that they may learn your rules.
Let me obey your laws perfectly
    so that I will not be ashamed.

I feel weaker and weaker as I wait for you to save me.
    But I put my trust in your word.
I keep looking for what you promised, but my eyes are feeling tired.
    When will you comfort me?
Even when I am like a dried wineskin on the trash pile,
    I will not forget your laws.
How long must I wait for you
    to punish those who persecute me?
Proud people have tried to trap me
    and make me disobey your teachings.
All your commands can be trusted.
    Those people are wrong to persecute me.
    Help me!
They have almost destroyed me,
    but I have not stopped obeying your instructions.
Show me your faithful love and let me live.
    I will do whatever you say.

Lord, your word continues forever in heaven.
You are loyal forever and ever.
    You made the earth, and it still stands.
All things continue today because of your laws.
    Like slaves, they all obey you.
If I had not found joy in your teachings,
    my suffering would have destroyed me.
I will never forget your commands,
    because through them you gave me new life.
I am yours, so save me!
    I have done my best to know your instructions.
The wicked tried to destroy me,
    but your rules made me wise.
Everything has its limits,
    except your commands.

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