Below you can listen to some of the sermons shared at Christ House (Lancaster) or our sister church, The Next Step (York) which generally follows the same sermon series:

Sermons by Series:

Uncategorized Sermons:

Current Series:
Taking My Eyes off Me – Lk 17:1-10 by Tim King

Reality in Light of the Cross – James 5:1-6 by Tim King

Keeping the Center – James 4:11-17 by Tim King

Sources of Wisdom – James 3:13-18 by Tim King

The Living Confession – James 2:14-28 by Tim King

Faith Without Favoritism – James 2:1-13 by Tim King

Don’t Follow Your Heart – James 1:9-13 by Tim King

Wisdom, Faith and Doubt – James 1:5-8 by Tim King

Finding Freedom from Addictions – 2017 by Robert Schaeffer

One God at Work – 2017 by Dave King

The Good Soldier of Christ – Memorial Day Message 2017 by Chris King

Be Not Afraid – An Easter Message 2017

Enters the King – a Palm Sunday Message 2017

Bless the Lord O My Soul – Ps 103

TIM KING – Confidence in the Scriptures Mark 16

TIM KING – Doing the Will of God – the Food for the Soul John 4

TIM KING – A Christian’s Citizenship Philippians 3:20

TIM KING – A Work of Faith James 2

TIM KING – A Challenge for Mothers

The Inter-dependent Church

TIM KING – Easter – 3-27-2016
The Centrality of the Resurrection – I Cor. 15

Joseph Queen
Resurrection Implications – I Cor 15

MARK AMMERMAN – 3-20-2016
His Face Set Like Flint – A Palm Sunday message

Living for the Return of the King

Preaching in the Presence of the Lord

Acts 13:13-52: Paul’s First Missionary Journey – Antioch of Pisidia

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