Below you can listen to some of the sermons shared at Christ House (Lancaster) or our sister church, The Next Step (York) which generally follows the same sermon series:

Sermons by Series:

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Current Series:
Made Family – by Tim King 11-04-2018 Eph. 3:14-21

The Big Story – by Tim King 10-14-2018 Eph. 1:3-14

Faith: The Threshold of Heaven – by Tim King 10-7-2018 Heb 12:18-29

The Disciplined Life – by Tim King 9-23-2018 Heb 12:12-17

Beloved Child – by Tim King 9-17-2018 Heb 12:3-13

Faith in the Face of Sin – by Tim King 9-9-2018 Heb 12:1-4

Faith – Faith Citizens – by Tim King 9-2-2018 Heb 11:8-16 and 20-31

Faith – Faithing Death – by Tim King 8-25-2018 Heb 11:1-19

Faith – Join the Cloud – by Tim King 8-19-2018 Heb 11:1-6

Culture of a Disciple – Spiritual – by Tim King 8-12-2018 Rom 8:1-17

Culture of a Disciple – Love – by Tim King 8-5-2018

Culture of a Disciple: The Measure of Our Success 7-1-2018 by Tim King

Culture of a Disciple – Truth – by Tim King 6-24-2018

Culture of a Disciple – Worship – by Tim King 6-17-2018

God Cares – Do I? – Luke 10:25-37 by Tim King

Labor in God’s Temple – Genesis 2 by Tim King

By Love to Love – Eph 4:11-16 by Tim King

Image Bearing in Human Relationships – Eph 5:22 – 6:9 by Tim King

Palm Sunday History – Luke 19 & 24 by Tim King

The Glory of God – Ps 19:1-6 by Tim King

The Hope of the Resurrection – 1 Cor 15:54-58 by Tim King

Finding God, Right where we Hid Him – Rom 1:16-25 by Tim King

Enter by the Narrow Gate – Mt 7:13-27 by Tim King

The Righteous Road – Ps. 1 by Tim King

The Love of God in Relationships by Joseph Queen

Telling Your Story (Tom’s own) by Tom Wolf

Break Up Your Unplowed Ground by Tim King

Associate with a Righteous Role Model by Tim King

Telling Your Story (Dave’s own) by Dave King

Telling Your Story (Tim’s own) by Tim King

Telling Your Story (Paul) by Tim King

The Love of God – A Christmas Message by Tim King

Advent 2017 Christ our Hope – by Tim King

Advent 2017 Christ our Faithfulness – by Tim King

Advent 2017 Christ in our Darkness – by Tim King

Taking My Eyes off Me – Lk 17:1-10 by Tim King

Repentance and Restoration – James 5:13 – End by Tim King

Reality in Light of the Cross – James 5:1-6 by Tim King

Keeping the Center – James 4:11-17 by Tim King

Sources of Wisdom – James 3:13-18 by Tim King

The Living Confession – James 2:14-28 by Tim King

Faith Without Favoritism – James 2:1-13 by Tim King

Don’t Follow Your Heart – James 1:9-13 by Tim King

Wisdom, Faith and Doubt – James 1:5-8 by Tim King

Patience at Work – James 1:1-4 by Mark Ammerman

Freedom for Eternity – Robert Schaeffer

One God at Work – 2017 by Dave King

The Good Soldier of Christ – Memorial Day Message 2017 by Chris King

Be Not Afraid – An Easter Message 2017

Enters the King – a Palm Sunday Message 2017

Bless the Lord O My Soul – Ps 103

TIM KING – Confidence in the Scriptures Mark 16

TIM KING – Doing the Will of God – the Food for the Soul John 4

TIM KING – A Christian’s Citizenship Philippians 3:20

TIM KING – A Work of Faith James 2

TIM KING – A Challenge for Mothers

The Inter-dependent Church

TIM KING – Easter – 3-27-2016
The Centrality of the Resurrection – I Cor. 15

Joseph Queen
Resurrection Implications – I Cor 15

MARK AMMERMAN – 3-20-2016
His Face Set Like Flint – A Palm Sunday message

Living for the Return of the King

Preaching in the Presence of the Lord

Acts 13:13-52: Paul’s First Missionary Journey – Antioch of Pisidia

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