Zechariah 3 – Easy-to-Read Version

The angel showed me Joshua the high priest, standing in front of the angel of the Lord and Satan was standing by Joshua’s right side. Satan was there to accuse Joshua of doing wrong. Then the angel of the Lord said, “The Lord says that you are wrong, and he will continue to correct you! The Lord has chosen Jerusalem to be his special city. He saved that city—it was like a burning stick pulled from the fire.”

Joshua was wearing a dirty robe as he stood in front of the angel. Then the angel said to the other angels standing near him, “Take those dirty clothes off Joshua.” Then the angel spoke to Joshua. He said, “Now, I have taken away your guilt, and I am giving you a new change of clothes.”

Then I said, “Put a clean turban on his head.” So they put the clean turban on him and also put clean clothes on him while the Lord’s angel stood there. Then the Lord’s angel said this to Joshua:

This is what the Lord All-Powerful said:
“Live the way I tell you,
    and do everything I say.
And you will be in charge of my Temple.
    You will take care of its courtyard.
You will be free to go anywhere in my Temple,
    just as these angels standing here.
Listen, Joshua, you who are the high priest,
    and listen, you fellow priests seated before him.
You are all examples to show what will happen when I bring my special servant.
    He is called, the Branch.
Look, I put a special stone in front of Joshua.
    There are seven sides on that stone.
I will carve a special message on it.
    This will show that in one day, I will remove the guilt from this land.”

The Lord All-Powerful says,
“At that time people will sit and talk
    with their friends and neighbors.
They will invite each other to sit
    under the fig trees and grapevines.”

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