Psalm 143 International Children’s Bible

August 02 (Year Six)

A song of David.

Lord, hear my prayer.
    Listen to my cry for mercy.
Come to help me
    because you are loyal and good.
Don’t judge me, your servant,
    because no one alive is right before you.
My enemies are chasing me.
    They have crushed me to the ground.
They have made me live in darkness
    like those who are long dead.
I am afraid.
    My courage is gone.

I remember what happened long ago.
    I recall everything you have done.
    I think about all you have made.
I lift my hands to you in prayer.
    As a dry land needs rain, I thirst for you. Selah

Lord, answer me quickly.
    I am getting weak.
Don’t turn away from me,
    or I will be like those who are dead.
Tell me in the morning about your love.
    I trust you.
Show me what I should do
    because my prayers go up to you.
Lord, save me from my enemies.
    I come to you for safety.
Teach me to do what you want,
    because you are my God.
Let your good Spirit
    lead me on level ground.

Lord, let me live
    so people will praise you.
In your goodness
    save me from my troubles.
In your love defeat my enemies.
    Destroy all those who trouble me
    because I am your servant.

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